Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hitting Your Head Against A Brick Wall

Stress can be a slow silent destroyer. It can start with simply too much pressure of one kind or another. The level of this stress can lead to emotional and physical health problems. Our own health doesn't seem to be a priority for many women, our families, certainly. But what about us?

Stress isn't as obvious as a deadline where someone else is going to send a household bill, or cut off the electricity. In order to get a balance we need to look after ourselves in order cope physically and psychologically with everything life throws our way.

Is stress a cause for hair loss?

In my case, yes, it certainly was. A huge chunk of hair seemed to have disappeared from my hairline leaving a shiny bald patch. It hadn't occurred to me that this may be stress related. I tried acupuncture and potions but nothing seemed to work. I started wearing a bold 1920s side parting with lots of gel, way before The Great Gatsby came to our screens. The aim? To cover my very shiny, very obvious bald patch.

It wasn't until I resigned and the next morning I saw fine downy hair where I had my bald spot for nearly a year.  Was my hair loss due to stress? Could it really have been that simple? 

There are many little ways in which to combat stress. Try one of these tips each week, don't try and do it all at once; a little goes a long way. 

Top stress reducing tips:

Just say no

Don't sign up for more responsibility or to do someone another favour just because you can't say no


You may think it is quicker and easier to do it ourselves but we are just fanning the flames. If you continue to fix it for them, they will continue to expect you to continue doing it. You may think that others won't do as good a job as you but even if that's true, is it really worth holding onto that?

Get some shut eye

Tiredness contributes to stress and stress contributes to tiredness. The ideal amount of shut eye of most of us is 8hrs.

One Crisis at a Time rule

Accept you can't do everything all the time, focus on one task, complete it, congratulate yourself and move onto the next. 

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