Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Casablanca, Morocco - travel diary

First Impressions of Casablanca, Morocco

Day 1 in Morocco - arrived in Casablanca (January)

Had my passport and papers checked 3 times at Casablanca airport and my luggage x-rayed. No smiles - a bit like america in that sense. Lighting was kept to a minimum in the airport and many smoked even there were no smoking signs. 

Plane food
Plane food was decent enough marinated beef stew with chickpeas and cous cous.  

Chocolate creme dessert. Coffee but no milk available. 

I have been advised to wear a wedding ring to keep the men at bay. So I am wearing a cheap ring with glass for a diamond - I am not married and feel like a fraud.
Arrived at the hotel Ajiad, Casablanca. Room is simple but clean. My tripadvisor review

Casablanca Hotel Room

The streets of Casablanca
Looking out onto the streets of Casablanca it's filled with men standing around, looks like Hanley centre in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Only a few women about. We were advised to get a cab at night if we wanted to go out as the streets aren't particularly safe for foreigners at night.

Where's the sun?
It 16oC and raining today.  
Black combats, khaki t-shirt, black fleece and khaki head scarf. Covered up.

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  1. Did you enjoy your time in Casa? I'm afraid that tourists often find it disappointing, it isn't very exotic as a modern modern city, and of course now trace of the Bogart movie, despite the fake "Rick's Cafe". I've tried to write a website to be a guide so people can know more about how to enjoy Casa but it is just starting. Don't suppose you visited the beach or the lighthouse?

  2. Hi Raymond, knowing it was an industrial city I was no illusion of hollywood glamour. I treated it more as a stop over, an introduction to the country. We were strongly encouraged not to go out after dark which was a great shame. Out of all the places I visited Casablanca was my least favourite. I found the Moroccan people to be so friendly and welcoming except in Casablanca and Marrakech which is strange s they were my first and last stops in Morocco.