Sunday, 10 August 2014

Top Tips for making macarons

Top Tips for making macarons at home:

1. Twist the piping bag right after the nozzle so when you fill the piping bag the mixture doesn't fall straight through.

2. Weigh the baking parchment down. Use a little of the mixture to stick the parchment to the baking tray. This will stop it sticking - clever eh!

3. Pipe the macarons from a 90 degree angle and pipe no more than the size of a 50p to get a 4cm diameter macaron.

4. Knock the tray on the surface to knock the air bubbles out. The chocolate one needs more attention than the others.

5. Two chicks carton of egg whites minimises egg yolk waste. You can find it in Waitrose between the butter and cheese.

6. Add more colouring paste than you need as the colour will dilute when you add the meringue. The paste colour below makes the meringues above.

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