Friday, 15 August 2014

Where are you going o your next City Break?

City breaks are a great way of taking time out of the daily grind. They provide an opportunity to explore a new place and do something out of the norm. If you are considering taking a city break anytime soon then why not try a more unusual country rather than the well beaten tourist trails of Paris, Amsterdam and Rome? The less well-visited destinations are often priced a little cheaper than their better-known counterparts and money exchange their respective currencies – like the Forint in Hungary for example - may work out well for British travellers. 

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, capital of Hungary, is in fact two distinct areas: Buda and Pest. Split by the great river Danube, each side of the city has different characteristics. Buda is rather hilly, with a peaceful vibe that is perfect for a romantic trip away; whilst Pest is the more cosmopolitan area packed with trendy bars, shops and restaurants. Must-see historic attractions include Budapest Cathedral, the Castle, Royal Palace and State Opera House. This city is perfect for budget city breaks due to the prices for accommodation, food and drink, and Budapest has even been rated the ‘most affordable European city’. Make it easy on yourself and find the best deals on hotels in Budapest.

Reykjavik, Iceland 

Reykjavik is a charming city break destination with bags to offer visitors. From the dramatic, mountainous landscape to the modernity of the city and the serenity of the ocean, there is plenty of beauty to feast your eyes upon. The capital of Iceland has an unusually vibrant artistic community, so there are always lots of exhibitions and theatrical performances to keep you entertained.This city isn't known for being best value for money. The big savers when it comes to Hotels in Reykjavik are found with a little know-how.

Krakow, Poland 

To experience a true medieval city, visit Krakow. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city’s buildings were surprisingly left relatively unscathed by WW2 bombing, and they will leave you spellbound by their beauty. There is a magical tranquillity here, where you can spend each day meandering through the cobbled streets discovering something new; a little chapel here, a magnificent royal castle there. With savings you would make with budget airlines flying into Krakow why not splash a little cash on a 4-5* hotel and make this a trip worth writing about. That’s just a taste of the range of unusual cities in Europe. Others you might want to consider include the stunning Swiss capital of Bern and Dubrovnik with its historic legacy and stunning geological features.  

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