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Visit Wales

Holidaying doesn't necessarily mean going abroad. Why not consider visiting Wales where there are lots of things to do for everyone? Wales is well known for its history, stunning beaches and incredible nightlife. If you are looking for somewhere special to visit here are some great reasons to choose Wales.

Walking up Snowdon

Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire

No matter what time of year you visit these beaches you will be blown away by their beauty. Barafundle Bay, also known as “The Jewel in the Crown” has been voted as one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire. With its golden sandy beaches and clear water, Barafundle Bay is the ideal destination for anyone who appreciates beauty in its purest form. It’s only accessible via its cliff path and stroll through the grassy dunes, which helps to maintain its understated tone. After experiencing the beautiful golden sands and crystal-clear water, visit Stackpole Quay, a small harbour along the coastline of Pembrokeshire, and try a beverage at the Boathouse Tearoom.

Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia

Another great reason to visit Wales is Snowdonia. Mount Snowdon is the highest point in Snowdonia, Wales. Its unbridled beauty, stunning hilltops and quite lakes is something white spectactular. To experience the spectacular scenery in comfort, you can travel on the Snowdon Mountain railway. Whichever route you take up the mountain, be sure to look out for markers which will show you the way down - it is easy to take a wrong path, and some are not suitable for inexperienced walkers, or those without proper climbing gear. Although many thousands of people climb Snowdon each year, it is still a mountain with steep cliffs in places, and even though beautiful, can be very dangerous.

View up Mount Snowdon

The Wildlife

Wales has fantastic countryside with lots of interesting wildlife. For example, you’ll come across badgers and lots of species of birds you’ve may not have seen before. Take a gentle stroll on many of Wales’ country walks and experience tranquillity like you had only dreamed was possible. There are two principal areas for watching marine wildlife in Wales, Cardigan Bay and the Pembrokeshire coast, particularly the Llyn Peninsula. Grey Seals may be seen on the coast at various places in Wales, such as Cardigan Island, Ynys Lochtyn, Cwm Tudu and New Quay. Polecats and Pine Martens still inhabit the forests of Snowdonia though are very rarely seen. Red squirrels can still be found if you know where to look; try the Clocaenog Forest (a good place for black grouse too) in North Wales it's not far from Corwen. Also, 13 species of bat have been recorded in Wales, including Greater and Lesser horseshoe bats.


If you like learning about history, Wales is home to churches, cathedrals, and is known as the “Castle Capital of the World" as it has about 400 castles. Over 100 of these castles are still standing, either as ruins or as restored buildings. The rest have returned to nature, and today consist of ditches, mounds and earthworks, often in commanding positions. To find out more about the history of each castle, book one of the many tours that take you on a journey through the country’s proud history. With over four hundred castles, there’s plenty to see. If I were to pick one to visit I'd say Caerphilly Castle which is a medieval castle that dominates the centre of the town of Caerphilly in South Wales. It is the largest castle in Wales and the second largest in Britain after Windsor Castle. It was built mainly between 1268 and 1271 in an attempt to stop Llywelyn ap Gruffudd's southward ambitions.

Dining Out in Wales

Wales has a growing reputation for fine dining. This is down to great local chefs, and even better local produce – Welsh lamb and beef, fresh seafood and organic vegetables. In the city’s Brewery Quarter you’ll find a range of great restaurants with an endless choice of cuisine. Famous welsh chefs include: Angela Hartnett, Bryn Williams and Stephen Terry.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Wales contains enough castles, wildlife, and breathtaking mountain scenery to occupy your entire summer. But, if you’re in the mood for a night of fun, both Swansea and Cardiff contain an abundance of funky clubs and unique bars.

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