Sunday, 3 August 2014

Chocolate Macaron Recipe

Now the chocolate versions are some of my favourite!

Chocolate Macaron Recipe

Italian Meringue
200g caster sugar
75ml water
80g egg white

Chocolate Macaron Paste Recipe

200g icing sugar
180g ground almonds
20g cocoa powder
80g egg white
Follow same technique for plain macarons but do not use any colouring.

French Macaron Batter

3 egg whites
55g caster sugar
100g plain chocolate
Whip whites to soft peak. Gently sift in sugar. Add melted plain chocolate (c.70-80% cocoa)
240g icing sugar
120g ground almonds
Mix together. Fold into whipped whites in 2 batches. Pipe out immediately. Dust lightly with icing sugar. Let crust over for about 40-50mins. Bake at 150oC for approx 20 mins. Immediately slide off baking tray onto cool counter.

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