Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Curse of the High Heel

Cummon, it's happened to the best of us. Avoiding getting our heels stuck in a grate is a daily objective for many of us working women. 

No matter how hard one tries day after day, one time or another it's going to happen. I have seen women get their heels caught in the escalators of the tube (even though not as bad as in this video), in grates and getting their beautiful (often pastel coloured) heels stuck in the grass at weddings.

On my way to work this morning I counted the amount of pavement obstructions I need to avoid in order to get to the office with my heels and dignity intact. I have come to the conclusion there needs to be a new sport added to Olympics 2016.

Marathon running in high heels

Women took part in Russia's annual stilettos competition, running 50m in heels of at least 9cm (3.54 inches), I sooo wouldn't want to go down in front of all of those cameras.

Chinese women run in 10cm high heels for 500-meter dash, high heeled boots with the extra ankle support seem to have been an advantage.

It can happen to the pros

It's the response by the male news presenters in this this video of Paris Fashion Week high heel fail which made me chuckle. Next time on NBC: men walking in skyscraper shoes.

There is hope...

I have read in Stylist Magazine that skyscraper heels are now no longer the fashion and mid block heels are on the way up. My ankles will certainly thank me for adopting the new trend, however part of me is a little disappointed; I have only just learned how to walk in my skyscraper heels!

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