Friday, 15 August 2014

Top 3 tips to reduce everyday pressures

It seems more and more women are feeling more exhausted and anxious than before. We seem to be cramming more and more into our modern lives and the use of modern technologies seem to hinder rather than help; it just means we can do more in more places. Women are being pulled in so many different directions, often reduced to lying in order just to get some time to ourselves. 
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Working pressures of the modern day

More and more companies now provide flexible working hours and job shares which on one hand is great. This has also stretched out the working week for other colleagues work emails come in from colleagues working 8am-4pm to 10am-6pm  With the continual impatience of colleagues expecting a nearly rapid response a day at the office becomes 8am-6pm. Often with a new job a laptop and blackberry is provided making it not as easy to step away from the office as it once was. The line between work and play has merged more over the years. Work often invades our private lives with many of us feeling pressure to put work first before spending times with loved ones or on yourself.

How switched off are you?

But it's not work which affects us being able to relax. We're now being constantly bombarded with emails, texts and messages from others. Unless we turn off our machines, we're always on chronic alert. No matter how much we want to switch off, it's more difficult to do than you initially think. Do you switch your phone off when at the cinema or do you put it on silent?  

Make time for yourself

Forget shopping or pampering, try sitting on your own with a guilty pressure of a book, a film or a forgotten album. Find some balance in your life. Women have been programmed over the generations to measure their own self-esteem through the valuations of others.  

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