Saturday, 26 July 2014

Welsh Bara Brith / Tea Bread Recipe

Bara Brith is also known Tea Bread, Yorkshire Tea Bread or Irish Tea Bread. It's a lovely tea time snack.

Cook time: c.1hr

Bara Brith 

Bara Brith / Tea Bread Ingredients:

One mug of brown sugar
Two mugs of dried fruit (mixed or whatever you prefer)
One mug of hot tea
One beaten egg
Two mugs of self raising flour

Other Variations of Bara Brith - try adding
a mashed banana, ground almonds, a handful of porridge oats, some cherries or mixed spice 

Bara Brith / Tea Bread Method:

Pour tea over sugar and dried fruit, give it a whirl and leave overnight preferably or a couple of hours if you can't wait! Stir in one beaten egg and two mugs of SR flour. 

Now add in any extra ingredients i.e. mashed banana (see above). Put into a loaf tin and bake at around 150 degrees for round about an hour. Don't worry about this recipe it usually works out, no matter what you throw in! 

This bread is fabulous warm from the oven with a little salted butter. Or, if you are able to allow it to cool, save it for the next day where it will be even tastier! 

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